Our nutritionists are constantly working on formulating and optimising feed recipes. They research and evaluate ingredients, additives and production processes to improve existing recipes and develop new ones. We process the measurements and analysis results from our in-house laboratory every day and link these to the formulas using an IT system. This seamless system guarantees that the nutritional value of the ingredients is accurately interpreted. It also ensures that our feeds are consistent, and the contents are correct. 

Customers can always rely on our services when choosing the most appropriate feeds for their farm. We have a wide range of feed recipes and offer custom recipes. We can provide solutions for every farm and any situation. To find out more, please contact one of our members of staff in your region.



Information is power! That is why every day our in-house laboratory analyses the contents of all ingredients that arrive. We link these analyses to the nutritional information using an IT system. This enables us to make sure that the composition of the feed corresponds to the formula. To further refine the system, we also analyse the formulated feeds daily, and we use the feedback to make adjustments. We carefully perform the analyses at our in-house laboratory using the latest equipment. We use ring tests to confirm the accuracy of the analyses. This method of working guarantees that we can offer the best feed at the best price to the benefit of our customers.

We also analyse the ingredients that companies mix with the purchased concentrate feeds in order to achieve an optimum feed formulation on behalf of our customers.


If you need veterinary advice, you can depend on our team of vets. They are specialists in their field. Together with our consultants, they guarantee reliable business support and also contribute to our customers’ success. They advise our customers and provide guidance and reports on a regular basis.


Nowadays, many farm businesses have to deal with a variety of administrative requirements and mandatory declarations. Our staff regularly follow courses and are trained to assist customers with these duties, whether they involve fertiliser legislation, maximum permissible risk levels, water declarations, farm accounting for sows, record-keeping requirements or other matters. Our staff are a sounding board for our customers and help them to build on the success of their businesses.

Environmental permits

If you need to amend, extend or renew a permit for your farming activities we can accompany your application from start to finish and prepare your application documents. Our extensive experience and expertise mean you are guaranteed of professional and successful support. Please contact one of our members of staff in your region for more information.

Stall construction

If you are planning to construct stalls for pigs, poultry or cattle, you can rely on our specialists. We can help you to realising your plans and we can take care of the entire building application if you require. Please contact one of our one of our members of staff in your region for further information.