Fides Petfood

ATM Petfood

In 2006, Fides Petfood set up an ultra-modern production unit in Ostend. At the end of 2014 the French petfood company ATM Petfood was added to the portfolio with its production site in Longué-Jumelles near Angers.

Both plants specialise in the customised production of extruded dog and cat food, both for the companies’ own brands and private label to serve a variety of European customers in the distribution sector of supermarkets and specialty chains for animals and gardens.The most advanced technology is used resulting in a modern and adaptable production system that conforms to the highest quality standards. Consequently, both companies are certified for the international quality standard IFS and BRC.

Our vision

Fides Petfood en ATM Petfood want to provide a full range of high-quality pet food products to their customers throughout the world. Our team of sales, marketing and nutrition specialists is ready to provide advice and support, without losing sight of a good price-quality ratio.

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