Depre Feed produces on two different sites compound feed for pigs, cattle and poultry, destined for the intensive livestock breeding on family based farms in Belgium and Northern France. The strategic location of its plant in the port of Antwerp allows the firm to play a significant role in the production of concentrates and semi-finished goods targeting countries well outside of the European Union.

Our nutritionists, formulate scientifically well-balanced feeds with the objective of producing farm end products such as milk, meat and eggs at a competitive price. This is done with a multiple goal and engagement foremost in our mind, namely and specifically the well being of the animals themselves, the safety of our feed products and the maintenance of a healthy environment.

The high quality in both plants is assured by a purposeful and committed quality control system that is based on the HACCP norms. Through the application of these norms, and by means of ongoing thorough risk analysis of the primary materials and the production processes, the safety of feed and food for animals and people alike is guaranteed.

Our philosophy

We are motivated by your success!
To help you achieve this success, we create top-quality feeds. This is one of the basic elements for success. We believe that we are also able to help our customers in other areas. That is why our staff are a sounding board and support and advise our customers with their business activities. Together with a strong management and excellent technical results, this is the key to their success.