Trading, Storage & Handling

Lenersan Poortman with a history dating back 200 years, stands for a wide range raw material purchasing and sales, destined for human and animal food consumption.
The Feed desk supplies grain and seeds for bird, pigeon and rodent feed, while the Food desk supplies products for human consumption, such as buckwheat, bakery seeds, nuts, dried fruit, herbs and spices sourced globally.
Expertise and experience have led to an extensive database allowing the sourcing of these raw materials throughout the world.

Depre Storage & Handling is situated in the inner harbour of Zeebruges with a perfect improved access to the main land and is specialised in warehouse storage and handling of oilseeds, grain and its co-products. Due to its location, trucks, barges as well as coasters can be loaded and unloaded. For Group Depre this is an important leverage within Depre Trading but also for the storage and cleaning of broken rice for the petfood industry.

Depre Trading has in addition to supplying raw materials to its own production companies, elaborated an important trade activity in grain, oil extracted meal and vegetable co-products sold to the compound animal feed industry in Belgium and Nothern France.